Outsourcing Logistics: What’s the right choice for you?

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Have you heard many stories of outsourcing hell but very less of heaven?  Or are you considering the option of outsourcing your transport, warehousing, logistics or other supply chain operations, but feeling concerned about the level of risk involved?  Don’t worry, everyone gets anxious like this at times.  You’re not alone!  Making the decision of […]

Decrease in prices for Container Freight charges

container depot

As China’s holiday exporting season slows, shipping container prices fall for the first time this year.  Since the end of September, the average sale price of a 40-foot container in China has dropped by 22.5 percent. The drop in shipping freight costs between China and the United States coincided with the price adjustment in container […]

Yiwu Shortage of Raw materials driving prices up

Shipping container loading facility, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China

A lack of raw materials is causing factories to raise their manufacturing costs, and once items are on their way, shipping snarls are delaying their arrival on Western store shelves. Yiwu has also been impacted by China’s chronic electricity shortage, which has caused factories to look for generators or halt production altogether since the middle […]

China’s power crisis

power plant in nightfall

As the impact of the power shortages in China grows, many factories including those supplying Apple and Tesla have halted production, while some shops in the northeast operated by candlelight and malls shut early. In many parts of northeastern China, rationing has taken place during peak hours since last week. Residents of cities including Changchun […]